Finton Moon


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Finton Moon is an unusual child who feels like an alien.

A gentle soul growing up in the rough town of Darwin, Newfoundland, Finton lives with his strict Catholic mother and grandmother, lawless father and three older brothers. While his grandmother has him “right ready for the seminary,” Finton’s interest lies in books, nature and solitude. He is secretly in love with the unattainable Mary Connelly, while eschewing the attention of the equally misfit Alicia Dredge, who adores him from afar.

In Finton’s life, there are monsters everywhere—including Bridie Battenhatch, the crone next door who harbours secrets about the Moon family she will share in exchange for the boy’s company—while all his heroes come from books and TV.

But Finton’s parents quickly discover that he is extraordinary—for he has been born with the ability to heal with his hands. As he grows older, his miraculous talent becomes more apparent and useful, even as it isolates him further from those around him. While Finton Moon wants nothing more than to belong, he lives in a world that sees him as other, and his greatest fear is that he will be trapped forever with these people who both misunderstand and abuse him.

Finton Moon reminded me of great novels like David Copperfield, Of Human Bondage, Sons and Lovers, Jane Eyre, and Catcher in the Rye. And Gerard Collins deserves much credit for exploring ideas common to these works within the Newfoundland and Labrador milieu.
~ Darrell Squires, The Western Star

This coming-of-age novel contains magical opening chapters and some memorable scenes and ideas. The sense of place and the characters’ internal torment are convincing.
~ 2014 Heritage & History Jury